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Thank you letters from satisfied clients.

Allergies and Asthma 
Ankle Pain 
Bell's Palsy 
Chronic Constipation 
Chronic Fatigue 
Cold and Flu 
Frozen Shoulder 
Headaches and Migraines 
High Blood Pressure 
Neck Pain 
Overactive Bladder 
Pregnancy, Breech and Labor Induction 
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Allergies and Asthma

I visited you last week (afternoon of Wed, 6/30) to try and induce labor at 40 weeks. Our son, Daniel, was born Friday, 7/2 at 9:52 am. As you'd predicted, my labor was only 5 hours. Everyone is happy and healthy.  Thanks again for your help!

-- S. A.

Every year, allergies make me miserable for weeks or months. I have to take my allergy pills as needed -- which is almost daily. I also need a prescription strength nasal spray to manage my allergy symptoms. Thanks to Master Lee' treatments and home healing kit, I am allergy free and prescription drug free. Of course, I need to practice the Chinese Medicine principle on how to balance my daily energy account. And the home healing kit is my best body guard and accountant for my allergy account. I feel so good. And I do not use this kit daily, instead I use it weekly or biweekly.

-- Robert S., Falls Church, VA

Spring and Fall allergies have affected my studies. As a high school student, I do not have time to see my physician or spend too much time to take myself.  Thanks to Master Lee's home healing kit and few minutes during the season, my allergy attacks are under control.  In the last year, I have only use this kit a total of 5 to 7 days. I also use it bi-weekly to guard my energy levels to prevent further allergy attacks.

-- Vistor H., Herndon, VA

My son is always on the nebulizer with his asthma condition. After visiting Master Lee once and using the home healing kit, his asthma was under control in just few weeks.  After 3 months, he does not need to use his nebulizer at all.  I rather he use the home healing kit from Master Lee on a daily basis instead of the multiple prescription drugs. The outstanding part of this kit  it is that it  compounds your healing power.  Thanks to Master Lee, my son Kevin only use this kit once to twice a week.

-- Tonya W, Alexandria, VA

Ankle Pain

I had a sprained ankle 3 months ago.  I came to see Dr. Lee for treatments. After 2 office visits in 3 days, the pain in my right ankle disappeared. Dr. Lee gave me a 'device' called the hot-hot stick for self-treatment at home. It works and it's easy to apply to. Thank you.


Last summer, I decided to try to go off the medication I had been on for anxiety since I was 14 years old (Iím 27 now). After reducing it somewhat, I became stuck and overwhelmed by anxiety and irritability, unable to go any further with the reductions. I decided to try acupuncture in the hopes it would help me continue to reduce the amount I was taking. Iím so glad I did!! When I started with Master Lee back in December 2010, I was on 300mg of an antidepressant and 100mg of a mood stabilizer. Now, in May 2011, I am completely off of the mood stabilizer and take only 37.5mg of the antidepressant! And Iím feeling better than I have in years. I honestly donít think I would have made it this far without the help of Master Lee and acupuncture.

-- Robin

How wonderful to hear from you! I am doing very well and I attribute that to the treatments I had with you. My energy level remains strong. I do not have the same issues with anxiety and stomach pain as before. Learning Chinese breathing techniques was valuable and I still rely on the breathing to stay healthy and rested. Since my success with your practice, I have referred several friends and colleagues.

-- T.B.


I'm an 83 year old lady with cripple condition. My left hip joint and and both knee joints were in extreme pain.  When I walked, it triggered pain in my left shoulder.  After Master Lee treated me in less than 6 visits, I was pain free, pain killer free, and free to walk by myself without a wheelchair.  The magic and powerful of Chinese medicine practiced by Master Lee has taught me how I can heal myself in less than 6 weeks. Thank you Master Lee. I am now free to walk by myself without any help.

-- Safa R., Arlington, VA

I had spinal surgery May, 2008. My physician told me that I may never walk again. Since December, 2008 I had a few treatments from Master Lee. Thanks to the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Master Lee's outstanding clinical experience, I have said good-bye to my wheelchair and walker. With the help of self healing motivations and the kindness of Master Lee's personal instruction, I have recovered 99% normal now.

-- Youri B., Arlington, VA

My senior citizen, mother had bad arthritis on both knees for many years. Recently, she even had to struggle with her walker. Luckily, Master Lee's treatments have enabled her to walk outside by herself.   She listened carefully and practiced the daily exercises under the Master Lee's supervision. She gained her freedom of movement. Thank you for your patience since she does not speak any English at all.  God bless you.

--  Yelana, Fairfax, VA

My mother has had Rheumatoid Arthritis since her mid 30's. She was in and out of the ER and hospitals a lot.  After treated by Master Lee since 2006, her quality of life has improved a lot. She is able to work part-time and enjoys the pain free days a lot more.  She has 
almost used no medicine for her pain. Of course, she has followed Master Lee's advice on watching her daily life style. These daily exercises and diets have maintained her quality of health. Her Rheumatoid Arthritis is totally under control. The Chinese medicine and acupuncture works for her. Thank you Master Lee.

-- Jose, Herdon, VA

Bells Palsy Testimonials

When Bells palsy attacked me few months ago, I thought I had a stroke.  Even my physician treated it as a stroke with high blood pressure. Another doctor treated me it as a shingle virus. Thanks to Master Lee, I was able to fully recover within a few weeks in about 6 to 7 treatments.

-- Mrs. Wang, Fairfax , VA

The severe pain covered my head, my face, down my right arm and  fingers too. My right face looked awful because my smile looked like I was crying. I couldn't open my mouth freely and the saliva was dripping from the right side of my mouth. Also, I could not close my right eye and it teared a lot. The pain around the right eye was so intense that no pain killer could stop it. After treated by Master Lee,  he taught me how to survive through this crisis. In just a few days, my pain got 80--90% better. Now I am fully recovered. 

-- Robert M. Herndon, VA

Since seeing Master Lee, my Bell's Palsy is getting better very fast. My overall health is better as well. After 1 week of treatment and using the hot-hot sticks, I started to see overall improvements in my health. Master Lee has very good treatment techniques (I did not feel any discomfort) and he really helps patients open their mind to healing.


Thank you for your magic touch!  The stabbing shoulder pain that bothered me for 6-7 weeks (after chopping wood) is gone after just 3 office visits over a period of 7 days.  The bursitis in my right shoulder joint was restored so well.  Plus, you fixed my lower back problems too.  I'll remember your advice and continue using the home healing kit for the next few weeks. I'll keep in touch.

-- Jim S. Reston, VA

Chronic Constipation

I've always had constipation issues since I was a teenager.  Now, I am a senior citizen and the condition is worse.  Dr. Lee said that I made myself sick.  I loved his story "Hot to mix the good concrete mix by using the right portions of concrete, sand, small rocks and water."  I re-shaped my diet, added fiber to each meal, changed my liquid intake (more frequently and not too much each time).  I also use the hot-hot sticks regularly.  My chronic constipation has been gradually easing off.

My wife's chronic constipation always gets a good relief when she uses the hot-hot stick regularly.  Than you for the lifestyle and diet tips.  She no longer has to take regular prescription drugs anymore.

-- Ken, Herndon, VA

Chronic Fatigue

I was disabled by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Each morning I had to struggle to get out the bed in the morning. By the time I was downstairs for my breakfast, my energy was almost gone. I was taking more than a dozen prescription drugs and still barely survived.  Thanks to Master Lee, I was able to work part-time within 6 months after I was treated by him. I have used Master Lee's Home healing kits daily during those time for my healing. Now I take it seriously and use it once or twice weekly or monthly as a preventive booster for my energy.

-- William, Burke, VA

Master Lee's Home healing Kit is a life saver for my Chronic Fatigue. After being treated a few times by Master Lee, I now only have to visit Master Lee every quarter for the routine follow up.  Thanks to Master Lee and his home healing kit for providing me with the best body guard for my energy.

-- Jamie, Springfield, VA

Chronic fatigue made me very depressed and hopeless. Thanks to The Chinese medicine practiced by Master Lee. I was able to a gain new life and a new family. I still use the Home healing kit faithfully. Luckily, I am over the critical stage and I do not have to use it daily. I use it weekly according my energy level. Like Master Lee says, "Treat your energy account as a work of art, practice it and balance it daily and weekly."

-- Mary Sue, Great Falls, VA

Cold and Flu

I visited Master Lee for my GYN issues. Every winter I would get either pneumonia or a very bad cold/flu. Since I followed Master Lee's tips on Flu and Cold prevention, I've been free of the Flu/cold for the past 2 winters.  I do know that if I use the home healing kit for just few minutes every other day or sometimes once a week, it can help me so much. I will tell all my friends about my stories of the hot-hot sticks.

-- Michelle, Springfield, VA

My son Kevin, suffered from bronchitis because of his weak lung energy.  After visiting Master Lee just a few times, we have observed his runny nose and whopping cough gradually diminish. We've learned to be better parents and how to care for Kevin and his energy levels.  We used the hot-hot sticks on him daily at the beginning, but now only use them bi-weekly.  These are the keys to his health.  It has been two years and he has not had a major cold or flu.  His nebulizer is collecting dust in our closet.  He only sees Dr. Lee a few times each year for a routine tune up.

-- Jos & Maria, Washington, DC


I am the VP for a small firm.  I stay busy at work and 60 hours a week is my normal schedule.  I go to the gym almost every day but was unable to sleep for days at a time.  I do not know why I started crying when I split with my girlfriend -- it wasn't the first time it happened.  I wasn't able to concentrate on my job and was slipping into a depression.  Under the diagnosis of Chinese medicine, I abused my own energy account.  The acupuncture and hot-hot sticks helped me get over the imbalanced account faster.  I have reduced my work hours.  I go to the gym, but I only try to practice on how to relax with qi-con breathing and stretch exercises.  I also apply hot-hot sticks at home accordingly.  In less than 4 weeks, I was discharged by Dr. Lee.

-- Stephen, Arlington, VA

My physical conditions had made me so depressed. Anxiety, headache, PMS, lower energy. And I am only 29. Master Lee had called my attention. It is my life . It is my health. I have new healthy lifestyles by follow up the wisdom of Master Lee. I never skip my meals since. I will have a make-up nip in the afternoon if I slept late last night. I watch out my energy account very closely. Apply the hot-hot sticks regularly. When I realize that my PMS , heavy bleeding is gone. And the depression, anxiety, headache and energy are better after 3 months acupuncture treatments. 


Frozen Shoulder

I didn't believe it was possible. Two different doctors told me surgery would not "fix" the pain in my shoulder. I should live with it as long as I could and then have shoulder replacement surgery. After only a few treatments by Master Lee the pain is almost totally gone. I wetn from having so much pain I couldn't get a glass out of the cupboard to being able to put away multiple dishes on the top shelves almost pain free. Before I was considering never being able to kayak again, now I'm looking forward to the spring and being able to paddle easily. No surgery and almost no pain thanks to Master Lee - you are fantastic!! Many thanks.

-- Laurel H., Fairfax, VA

I had frozen shoulder for 6-7 months and was being treated with Western medicine.  I refused when my doctor suggested that I have surgery to treat my frozen shoulder.    I followed up with Dr. Lee's supervision and my home healing program.  I used the hot-hot sticks and exercised daily.  As Dr. Lee predicted, I gained my full range of motion in 8 to 9 weeks.  I had only less than 12 visits of the combination acupuncture treatments.  My physician is astonished by the power of Chinese medicine.

-- Corry, Leesburg, VA

My frozen shoulder bothered me and I wasn't sleeping well.  My daughter made an appointment for me to see Dr. Lee and I felt excellent in less than 4 days.  You know what?  In only 2 treatments, I am so happy that my complaint is gone.

-- Usha A., McLean, VA

Headaches and Migraines

My headache was treated by different doctors over the last few years. I was sick and tired of the pills. My cousin, Dennis referred me to Dr. Lee. In less than 3 office visits, my headache had totally disappeared. You know what Dr. Lee had told me? He said, "Pam, you made yourself sick." He was right on the money. Since I started my daily neck exercises. My headache has not bothered me and I am pain killer free.

-- Pamela C., Herndon, VA

I should call you "Doctor Lee".  My migraines have diminished, since I visited you 4 weeks ago. I've had this problem since I was 19. I've spent almost $300.00 a month just to survive the terrible headaches. I did not know I made myself sick, because of my lifestyle. Thanks to your clinical experiences and wisdom from Chinese medicine.  I will learn ' how to take care of my own health daily' . The home healing kit has supported me well.

-- Maria C., Alexandria, VA

You saved my life and my marriage!  The headaches had tarnished my normal life so bad.  I was so depressed and I had to depend on daily medication for the last 7 years.  You told me that this was related to my child birth... maybe you were right.  I'm almost pain free in less than 6 weeks since I stepped into your office. I'll keep my monthly appointments with you.  I will take care of my own health on a daily basis.  The hot-hot sticks work for me.

Joan S., Burke, VA

It is my pleasure to send you this testimonial.  The acupuncture has healed my 20 years of constant migraine attacks.  I was suffering on a daily basis before I saw you. I used the hot-hot sticks based your tips and have gradually reduced the frequency of using the sticks. Since I feel so good, can I just use it occasionally or once or twice a week?

-- Ana Maria, Washington, DC
PS:  The answer is "Yes".  Please, use the hot-hot sticks as an art according your own energy level. -- Master Lee

My headache was treated by different doctors over the last few years. I was sick and tired of the pills.  My Cousin, Dennis referred me to Dr. Lee.  In less than 3 office visits, my headache had totally disappeared.  You know what Dr. Lee had told me?  He said, "Pam,  you made yourself sick."  He was right on the money.  Since I start my daily neck exercises.  My headache has not bothered me and I am pain killer free.

-- Pamela C. Herndon, VA

My job made me stare at a computer screen all day long.  At end of each day, my headache and shoulder spasms made me cry.  Thanks to the magic touch of Chinese acupuncture and the wonderful power from the hot-hot sticks, I am no longer suffering from the terrible headaches and the shoulder pain. Thanks!

-- Stephanie C., Reston, VA

Every month, I had to locate $300 to support the medical bills for my headaches.  I had almost given up on treating this 10+ year problem.  Master Lee fixed my complaints.  Now, for $30.00 a month, the magic of hot-hot sticks can keep my headache away.

-- JH, Manassas, VA

In two sessions (and with Chinese herbs during the day - not before bed, and moxabustion), my 12 year old daughter can fall asleep much better after not being able to do so for a year and a half. Her headaches have also disappeared (because she is sleeping better with TCM help).

Dr. Lee is so skilled. I refer many people to him for a variety of reasons. You can heal yourself and he shows you how. The hot-hot sticks are actually a treat to use! And for many purposes. My own headaches have disappeared with treating myself for headaches and sinuses! Last week I had a terrible respiratory illness and within a day, my treatment in his office and with the hot-hot sticks at home had me on the road to healing.

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Lee serving our area!

-- Tammi, Arlington, VA

High Blood Pressure

I am 80 years old.  I was very healthy until 6-7months ago.  My Doctor found out my blood pressure was high.  I was not responding well to my medication.  When I was in Master Lee's office for my first visit, my BP reading was 147/89 with a pulse of 79. Three weeks later, my BP was 120/83 with a pulse of 76. I will continue use the hot-hot sticks on myself at home. The combination of acupuncture and Hot-Hot sticks works for me.

-- F.B., Fairfax, VA

Being close to 300 pounds, I was on multiple medications for my uncontrollable high blood pressure.  I had all kinds of complaints, such as dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, lower back pain, and knee pain.  I was under Mr. Lee's care for 3-4 months (about 7-8 visits total). Guess what?  I do my homework faithfully with daily hot-hot sticks for 6-7 weeks.  They have paid off. My blood pressure is around 120/84 with a pulse of 69.  I will ask my physician to cut back on my blood pressure medications when I see him next time.
-- Bill S., Alexandria, VA

I was on many pills for my headache and high Blood pressure.  Since I following the wisdom from Master Lee, I am taking charge of my own health.  Because of the magic of the hot-hot sticks, my blood pressure is regulated.  Of course, my headache is gone too. Thank you!

-- Catherine, Fairfax, VA

I had male issues.  Now I can function better than 10 years ago.  I have figured out why.  My high blood pressure was the reason and it was draining my male energy.  The hot-hot sticks and the tips Master Lee gave me work as an art on my energy levels. No more high blood pressure. No more male issues.  Mr. Lee, you are the greatest!

-- Orma J., Lorton, VA

My blood pressure has consistently remained steady since I have started using the (hot-hot) sticks. Even with daily medication, my pressure used to fluctuate and it seems to have been very consistent. My medical doctor is monitoring the change in the hopes of decreasing both my daily medication and its dosage.  The range of fluctuation began to narrow within about 6 weeks to two months.

Give it a go! Dr Lee thoroughly explains what the plan of action is, the goals and the expected time for anticipated results.  I am thoroughly pleased and have confidence in his expertise and instructional techniques.

-- B.S.


I was treated with the hot sticks b/c of chronic insomnia. Because this had been going on for years the first treatment did not work, but when I told Dr. Lee he had me hold the stick a little longer in duration on the area being treated and that seemed to work. Being able to sleep thru the night without waking up and going to sleep more quickly was great!

I saw improvement in the second treatment and was really amazed that something worked that quickly.

I tell my friends/acquaintances about Dr. Lee all the time if they are having problems with western medicine not working for them. Some people have never heard of these hot-hot sticks and some have, but I reassure them that it does not hurt and tell them of my experiences with them.

Dr. Lee has given me so much relief in using acupuncture especially when I had herniated disks in my neck, he helped to relieve the pain when pain medication wouldn't help. The one thing that impressed me the most was helping me with my migraines I tried 4 different migraine medicines and it wouldn't touch my pain. Just as soon as I felt one coming on I would call him and he would see me as soon as he could. There are people at my husband's office who have migraines and my husband would tell them I see a chinese dr. who treats me with acupuncture and that is the only thing that helps me with them. Before I was treated by Dr. Lee there was a time when I would sit at the dinner and tears would roll down my face b/c the pain was so bad and wouldn't stop (that's a day I don't ever want to see again and won't as long as I can be treated by Dr. Lee).

I wouldn't change a thing (about my treatment). The old saying "don't fix it, if it's not broke" that's how I feel. Thank you so much for all your help.

-- J. E.


I am going thru menopause and have suffered hot flashes multiple times a day. I would wake up in the middle of the night with sweat. However, all that is gone now, thanks to Dr. Leeís wonderful Chinese medicine. I saw Dr. Lee for the first time on Sept. 1 (Wed.), and started taking these little black pills on Thursday at breakfast and lunch. By Saturday evening I realized that I no longer suffered from hot flashes. Dr. Lee also diagnosed me as running on low energy level. To help me regain my strength, he used multiple approaches: acupuncture, stimulating certain acupressure points with heat from burning some Chinese herbal medicine, diet, and customized exercises. I am diligently employing all the tools recommended by Dr. Lee and am feeling better by the day. Another feat Dr. Lee has performed is curing my terrible sleep pattern. Due to menopause, I have not slept thru the night for many months. Last night, I started using the short stick of Chinese medicine for the first time. I lit the stick and held it close to certain acupressure points for a few minutes. The heat from the stick stimulated these points. I did this at 6 pm and went to bed at 10 pm. This morning I woke up at 5 am and realized that I have slept seven hours straight!!! I had this deep sound sleep which I have not enjoyed for a long time. Thanks to Dr. Leeís wonderful care, I know I am on my way to experiencing the joy of life again!

-- Iris, Vienna, VA

Neck Pain

As a restaurant owner, neck pain is not fun.  I was taking over the counter pain killers (Tylenol, Advil) for my neck.  I needed a good solution for the neck pain (other than surgery).  Master Lee educated me in a different way to view my health.  By managing my lifestyle and daily exercises, I have restored my neck energy.  Master Lee kept his promised.  I was discharged in just 6 visits.  I was granted a duty to take care of my neck health on a daily basis.  The home healing kit and daily exercises are equally important.  I'll be back for my quarterly tune up.  Keep in touch.

-- Lilliane, Annandale, VA

I had a herniated disc in my neck for 6-7 years.  I was constantly on pain killers and not able to sleep well with my condition (even with medication).  In less than 6-7 visits, I was totally pain free.  Dr. Lee was right.  I made myself sick by draining too much of my daily energy.  When I put my health issues first, I could see the light at the end of the recovery tunnel.  If I can do it, so can you.  I'm very appreciative, Dr. Lee.

-- Andrew D., Vienna, VA

Overactive Bladder

My son has wet the bed since he was 6 years old.  Now he is almost 13 years old and it still happened a lot.  He was also afraid to go to summer camp.  Since we applied the hot-hot sticks on him and changed his drinking habits at bedtime, he has not had any incidents yet.  We will continue to follow your instruction and use the hot-hot sticks as an art on him.  Thank you very much Dr. Lee.

-- Linda, McLean, VA

I was afraid to go shopping with my wife since I've had an overactive bladder for the last few years.  My doctors told me that it is a normal aging process for senior citizens.  Since I am very health and active (I still play a lot of tennis), Dr. Lee explained to me his energy concept from Chinese medicine.  I have changed exercise from tennis to qi-con breathing, yoga and daily stretching exercises.  I also use the magic hot-hot sticks regularly.  My dear wife is so happy that I can follow her around all the time.

-- Bob R., Great Falls, VA

I used to wear adult diapers when I traveled.  I am only in my mid 40's.  I took a prescription drug for a few years and my problem got worse.  Since I have used the hot-hot sticks regularly and accordingly, I can enjoy the new life and my husband and I can travel together.  I know how to fix myself now.

-- Elena

Pregnancy, Breech and Labor Induction Testimonials

I looked up Master Lee on the recommendation of my sister who went to him in 2010 when my niece was breech, she had nothing but good things to say about his work. When I learned that my child was breech I called Master Lee immediately and got a session within a couple of days. I was so thankful he could see me so quickly. He was very attentive during the session and gave me specific instructions and supplies for taking care of myself after the session. I was there on a Saturday and Thursday of the next week an ultrasound showed that my baby had turned into the vertex position! Thank you Master Lee!

-- N. Littlejohn

When I first went to Master Lee, I was 37 weeks pregnant and could not relax at all. I was on a timeline that if I did not give birth by 39 weeks, I would face a hospital induction. We reviewed one of my major reasons why I could not relax: my three young kids at home. He gave me great pointers on how to rear my three girls AND allow the time for me to relax. The first two sessions with Master Lee was focused on helping me relax with the assistance of his amazing hot-hot sticks. For the first time in what seemed like forever, I was able to simply R-E-L-A-X and not run around like a chicken with her head cut off and wings on fire.

At 38 weeks, Master Lee induced me and he said that I would give birth within 11 hours. I left his office around noon. Master Lee said make sure you get enough bed rest. At about 5pm I started 2nd stage of labor, 6pm I was pushing, and 6:14pm, my son was born. Master Lee's natural induction was faster and more effective to initiate my labor and birth than my previous hospital inducted births with pitocin! Master Lee assured me a quick labor and birth, and he delivered!

If you want more testimonials, just speak his name to any doula or midwife around this area... they absolutely LOVE Master Lee. Anytime I mentioned his name, they always had numerous of clients that went to him to be induced or for a breech baby, etc, or about to send a few clients his way. He is simply amazing. Thanks so much!

-- Judy J. (Centreville, VA)

My husband and I had struggled for a very long time to get pregnant. I was going to a fertility clinic and going through all the tests. They found nothing with any real significance to be "wrong" with us. Yet month after month we just never got pregnant. A friend of mine told me about you thankfully. I was somewhat skeptical....and my husband definitely was....because eastern medicine is just not something we are used to. In some sort of last ditch effort before biting the invitro bullet, we decided to check you out. The experience was pain free (a real concern to me! Ha!) and really we didn't have to change much in our daily lives except to just add a couple dietary items and do "all things in moderation" for daily activity. You had thought three months time is what you needed from us. Well, two months into your program we found out we were pregnant! I truly did not think this method would work. I didn't feel much different along the way. However, not only did you manage to help our fertility issues.....but you must have done something extra special because a few weeks later we found out we were having identical twins! They are perfect and healthy and we finally have a family! We have since moved from the area and hope to have more kids. If we struggle again my husband and I have already discussed flying back to see you. You have changed our lives and we are so very very very grateful. I cannot put our feelings into the exact words I am trying to say.....perhaps that is also because I don't get much sleep still!....but THANK YOU. I have recommended you to many many many people and I hope they have taken the advice even if skeptical....you are such a blessing!

-- A.W.

Thank you so much for helping us!! It was an amazing experience. This was the first time ever I tried acupuncture, I had read about it and was skeptical but it worked. :) I had started losing faith after having one miscarriage and repeated unsuccessful attempts after that. I am so glad I decided to come to your facility and got my acupuncture sessions along with hot hot sticks and your advice. It helped me with sleep, anxiety, PMS symptoms and of course along with my IVF treatments a positive blood pregnancy test. I am still impressed and even told my nurse how you checked my pulse and told us that I am pregnant and congratulated us. :) Yes it was confirmed positive by blood test 2 days after that.  Thank you again!

-- D.S.

My husband and I came to see you on January 10 after our baby was 8 days late. Our midwives had started some interventions but suggested we see you. After you suggested the three hour appointment to have the baby within the day we were there that evening. As we were leaving you told us we would have the baby the next day. My contractions started at 2 in the morning and Eleanor was born at 11:05 the next day! You were right!

Thanks again for seeing us on such short notice and especially for helping to get things moving so we could meet our daughter!

-- Kim, Andrew and Eleanor

We finally had our baby girl! She was born (2 weeks and 4 days late; she just didn't want to come out) on August 28, 2011. She was 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 19 inches long.  Thanks for your help and we hope to see you soon.

Thanks very much for your induction treatment. We ran home from your office, arriving at 8 p.m. and our daughter was born at 8:25 p.m.! Talk about the fastest labor ever for a first time baby.

-- Paula

I have some very good news. Yesterday, I did a pregnancy test at the local clinic and they told me that I am pregnant. I am very excited, and it is unbelievable at the same time!

-- Nadia

I came to Master Lee the day before my due date. In my efforts to get labor started by walking, I had hurt my back. I could hardly move, and ironically, the idea of going into labor at that time was exactly the last thing I wanted to do! Master Lee spent some time talking with me, and he sensed that I was exhausted. He told me that I needed rest, and he asked me if I wanted him to induce me. Even though I wasnít confident that I could push a baby out in my condition, I was so tired of being pregnant, that I said yes!

The session with Master Lee was peaceful and relaxing. He found
pressure points in my ankles that he used to help labor start, and he treated my back spasm at the same time. Knowing that I was well effaced, he gave me a more aggressive treatment. After a little
while, I began to feel pressure in my pelvic region. Master Lee said
the most memorable line ever: ďParty started! No going back now!Ē He was right. Almost exactly 24 hours later, as we were putting my
two-year-old to bed, my water began to trickle out. This was exactly
as I had hoped it would occur, since we were planning a home birth. A half an hour later, the contractions started, and after two hours of
labor, we had ourselves a beautiful baby boy, born in the comforts of our own home under the guidance of a professionally trained certified nurse midwife.

I am very thankful to Master Lee for the advice that he gave me, and the time he spent talking with me, which went beyond my acupuncture session. He has a gift for recognizing the condition of a person's energy level, and he provides excellent advice. I would recommend any woman who is approaching or past her due date to schedule a session with Master Lee. He guarantees his work, and you will not be disappointed.

-- Susan

I saw Dr. Lee for natural labor induction to avoid a medical induction on my due date.  It was highly successful!  I went into labor that night at 10:30PM and had my daughter at 4:34AM the next morning. Everything went smoothly and I was able to do it drug free.  Thanks so much to Dr. Lee!

-- Dawn

I saw you on April 29th, when you fit me in for a 2-hour induction acupuncture session. I was 9 days past my due date at that time. I went into labor and had my baby girl two days later, on May 1st. I followed everything you said (including resting more than I had been), and kept rubbing the little bumps on my ears and ankles. I had an incredibly fast labor and delivery. It was my second delivery without any drugs, and this one was much smoother, in addition to being faster. I also felt more mentally present during labor. I am not sure if the acupuncture had a particular effect on my labor itself, but it was so different this time that I suspect it did. Overall, my experience with you was very helpful and reassuring. I really believe your acupuncture session played an integral role in my last days being pregnant and then having the baby.

Finally, I wanted to thank you and Letitia for your flexibility in getting me scheduled on short notice. Both of you went to a lot of effort to communicate with me and work with my schedule. I am very grateful for your assistance and professionalism.

-- Cass

Thank you so much for your help. We had a nice quick labor on Monday afternoon and our baby girl weighed 7 lbs 13 oz. She is beautiful and we're still thinking of names.

-- Mary

We had a beautiful baby girl yesterday afternoon. I had some labor On Saturday and Sunday night, but the real labor kicked in on Monday :-). It was a wonderful, natural birth. I labored at home and showed up 10 centimeters and pushed for 10 minutes.  She is 7 lbs 10 ounces and 20 inches long. We still have to pick a name :-)

-- Jennifer

Throughout my entire life, I have had a very irregular cycle. About a year ago, my husband and I decided that we wanted to have a child. I went to my OB/GYN to see if she could help and she prescribed me some hormone pills to help regulate my cycle. We tried for several months with no results before my mother-in-law told me that I should visit Dr. Lee.

At our first visit with Dr. Lee, he told us that it would be a very easy process. He told me how to make some minor lifestyle changes that would help increase the energy in my body. I was taught how to stimulate several points on my body with heat and he also treated me with acupuncture. After that visit, I stimulated the points daily and made the lifestyle changes and continued to visit Dr. Lee every few weeks for acupuncture treatments. I could see a difference in my cycle within the first few weeks of treatment and after 3 short months, I found out I was pregnant! I could not believe it and my husband and I were so happy. I don't believe this would have happened without Dr. Lee's help. We feel very lucky to have found him.

Dear Mr. Lee,

Thank you so much for the acupuncture treatments that you gave me to induce my labor. After the second one on Wednesday night, the baby was really low, and I went into labor about 24 hours later, exactly two weeks past my due date. The labor went quickly and was very manageable; I needed no interventions or anesthesia, so I got the natural birth I had been hoping for. She was born at 8:09 AM on Friday morning. I really appreciated you calling me on Sunday to check in on how we were doing. We're all tired but very, very happy. I have given your info to my birthing class instructor so she can add you as a reference for her future students. I can't thank you enough for your help in making this experience go as smoothly as possible!

-- Elizabeth

I went into labor a few hours after I left you, and gave birth around 11pm the same evening. I had a great, short labor and now have a beautiful baby boy. I have been singing your praises ever since. Thank you so much for helping me get started.

-- Karen

I am writing to thank you very much for the acupuncture you performed on me on the 26th. I went into labor that morning at 1am and by 9pm on the 27th I delivered a healthy baby boy.  Also, my rash went away by morning and I was no longer itching all over while in labor.  You made an immense difference in our lives and I am very grateful.

-- Jodi G.

I came to see you about 3 weeks ago. I was already 1 week overdue with my pregnancy although not dilated at all and was facing a repeat c-section. 

You squeezed me in to see you Thursday night and told me that you believed I would have the baby by Sunday. Sure enough, I went into labor Saturday morning and by Sunday morning at 10am I had my baby girl!

I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me.

-- Margaret A.

I visited your office on June 22 2009 for treatment. I am happy to report that I gave birth to a baby girl Olivia a few days afterward. She is a wonderful happy baby and we are so glad to have her.

-- Jennifer M.

I arrived at the office 38 weeks pregnant with our third child, whose position was breech at the time. We were at the office for about 2 hours. During our visit, Mr. Lee showed my husband how to use the hot hot sticks and my husband did the treatment in the office. I felt the baby's movements for the entire length of the treatment. After we were finished, we were unable to determine the exact position of the baby. We were instructed to do another treatment the following day and if the baby still hadn't turned in a few days, to come back for another free treatment w/ Dr. Lee. That very night my water broke and we drove to the hospital fully expecting a c-section, but the baby had turned around! Truly amazing stuff!!! I only wish that I had visited Dr. Lee with my first breech pregnancy, which resulted in a c-section.

-- Heather H.

Thank you Dr. Lee,

We did as you recommended, and I had my weekly appointment with the Ob-Gyn today. The baby is still in the right direction, head down. I am now 37 weeks - so I hope she doesn't have much room any more to turn back - and I'll make sure to let you know when the baby is born.

-- Sophie N.

Master Lee,

I wanted to thank you for your help in getting my labor started and tell you how everything went. After seeing you on Friday evening, I went home and relaxed. My water broke at 11:30pm but I had no contractions at first. But [before we knew it] my son was born in the car, in the20hospital parking lot at 1:15am. We have named him Nicholas. He weighed 9 pounds, 6 ounces. I am doing very well and healing quickly. We are home now, resting and relaxing.

-- Susan R., VA

Dr. Lee,

Your treatment last Wednesday worked to turn our baby {who was} posterior and it put me into labor. I delivered a healthy baby girl on Friday June 3rd!

-- Kathyn D.

We are officially pregnant! I had my hCG level today and it is very good. We are going to repeat on Friday. I need to eat at regular times otherwise I feel a little ill, but overall I feel good. Thank you so much for everything. I know this wouldn't have happened without your help and guidance. Should I see you next week? 
Thanks again!

-- S & J from Vienna, VA

Apologies for not getting in touch with new sooner. We had a baby boy on Saturday July 30. All went well and the nurses and midwives recognized your handiwork (the needles in my legs). Or son is named Levi (nickname if he chooses it later, would be Lee-- my mother though you'd get a kick out of that! You've made quite the believer out of her!).

Thanks and best regards

-- Judy B.

I wanted to thank you for acupuncture sessions and share our baby news with you. When you told me last Thursday that your goal is to send me straight to the emergency room, you were not kidding. I went into labor around midnight that night and had a baby at 4:30 the next morning. We got to the hospital just in time and our baby boy (8 lbs, 20 inc) was born 30 minutes after we arrived (we were lucky not to have him in the car:) I got a natural quick intervention-free birth that I wanted. Thank you for making this possible.

-- Elena S.

I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that the acupuncture treatment I received from you on 8/8 for labor induction worked! Just as you predicted, I went into labor on Monday, 8/11 and the twins were delivered around 4am the following morning. Thank you so much...they had scheduled an induction for 7am on the 12th and I believe that without your treatment I would not have had the natural birth I had been hoping for.

-- Nicole C.

Great news, as we thought, the baby flipped! So she's now happily head down.  Thank you!

-- Lauren

A great job by Mr. Lee.  He helped me induce my labor. This time we tried to have our second child for the last 10 months.  Just as Master Lee's prediction, I got pregnant after my second period.  Thank you 

-- Kathy W., Fairfax, VA

My friend Kathy told me her good news. She is expecting her second baby.  I have a 3 year daughter.  I did not get pregnant since then. The majestic work conducted by Dr. Lee in just one visit helped me get pregnant. God bless you Dr. Lee.

-- Reston, VA

I had a few sad miscarriages before I saw Dr. Lee.  Under the best care from him, I got pregnant again.  Now, I am 24 weeks pregnant already.  Everything went through well when I followed exactly what Dr. Lee asked me to do.  I know I'll have a very healthy baby this time.

-- Alexandria, VA

I failed with IVF couple times.  After being treated by Master Lee twice, I got pregnancy with IVF successfully and smoothly. Thanks!

-- S M., Vienna, VA

When I tried my second IVF, I was under the care of Dr. Lee.  He had successfully stopped the possible miscarriage after my physician confirmed my pregnancy.  I was spotting and had heavy cramps over a few days. I had followed the wisdom and clinical experiences of Dr. Lee.  By using the hot-hot sticks daily and a lot of bed rest, I was able to avoid repeating the incident that happened during my first IVF.

-- Kim, Alexandria, VA

I wanted to say "Thank You" and let you know that I did end up having my baby as you predicted.  I came to you about 1 1/2 weeks ago, past due by 4 days and you said that I should go into labor Friday evening (6.19). Sure enough I did and ended up having my baby boy at 12:28 AM on Saturday, June 20. Thank you very much!!!

-- R. M.

I was somewhere in my 34th or 35th week of pregnancy (mid or late January) when my husband and I came in for the moxibustion treatment. My baby was in a fully breached position. I am happy to report that she turned completely and was in the most optimal position for birth (occiput anterior). We could have not planned our birth process better. After 25 hours of very manageable labor, I delivered a baby girl with the use of no drugs or other interventions.  We truly appreciate the care and effectiveness of your techniques. We will definitely be in touch with any future acupuncture needs.

-- N. R.

Master Lee's acupuncture treatment and Hot-Hot sticks helped resolve problems with my pregnancy that the emergency room doctors and obstetrician's could not fix. I was having early labor and bleeding and western doctors could not tell me why nor could they stop the nightly contractions or the bleeding. Master Lee gave me the Hot-Hot treatments and after visiting him a few times I had no more contractions and no more bleeding! I could have had a premature baby if Dr. Lee had not helped my problem. My baby girl is strong and healthy and was born on her due date!

I saw subtle improvements in my condition after the first visit, but the follow-up visits made the improvements permanent.  I would recommend that my friends and family use the Hot-Hot stick treatment. I don't understand how it works, but it works!  I think Master Lee's treatments are a great gift to this area. Many people are worried about all of the side effects of surgeries and medical drugs. Master Lee uses natural techniques.

Thank you Master Lee! I had my doubt about acupuncture but you made a believer out of me!

-- T. J.

My health, energy level, and fertility cycles improved greatly after beginning treatments with Dr. Lee. I have no doubt that he helped me prepare my body to conceive at the age of 40! The hot-hot stick is an excellent tool you can use easily and safely at home to raise your overall vitality and to address specific health concerns. Dr. Lee is extremely compassionate and reassuring and was a voice of positivity when other doctors were more pessimistic regarding my chances of conception. Now I am the mother of a happy five month old boy!

-- J.M.

Hi Mr. Lee, 

Just wanted to update you that my baby did turn around. He is head down and in position to go. Thanks for all your help.

-- K.A.

When I came to Master Lee, I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and had been told I was 'infertile'. Master Lee told me that with weekly acupuncture treatments, diet changes, and daily application of the 'hot-hot' moxa sticks, I should be able to get pregnant within 6-12 months. Nine months later, I was pregnant. I now have a wonderful son and am hoping we can even have a second child. It should be noted that when I was a week late, I went in for a session that helped to jump-start my labor so that I didn't need to be induced. Thank you, Master Lee!

-- Tanya K., Springfield, VA.

Thank you so much for the treatment you gave me last week. When I learned that my baby was breech at 35 weeks I was really worried. But just talking to you about it on the phone put me more at ease. My husband and I appreciated so much the holistic and gentle way your worked with me. I learned some valuable tips that will help me not just with the baby, but for my whole life. We could tell the baby had moved after the visit, but we weren't sure just how much she had turned. When we went to our 36 week appointment yesterday, we found out that she had completely flipped and was now in the right position! Thank you Dr. Lee for your gentleness and care.

-- Jackie


I can enjoy my sex life since I've seen you. The sciatica or bursitis on my lower back and tail bone are totally better.  You are 100% right. I can live a normal healthy life when I do the stretches a few times a day, know my own energy levels and do not abuse. It is the wisdom that you've taught me.  Thanks.

-- Anita S. Fairfax


When I was younger I would always cry when I went to sleep because my nose was constantly congested.  Now, I'm in middle school (on the swim team) and my breathing was not getting better.  I recently had 2-3 visits with Master Lee and I sleep much better and my nose isn't as congested as it was before.  I get my dad to do the hot-hot sticks on me, once or twice a week and I know that I will be free of congestion soon.

-- Alma, Rockville, MD

I was pregnant and suffered from chronic sinusitis for over 6 weeks.  My doctors were afraid to give me antibiotic and my sinus headaches were unbearable.  I could not concentrate on my work, I could not breathe easily and I did not sleep well.  I saw Master Lee and after my first visit, I had the best sleep.  My yellow nasal discharge was clear after the 3rd visit.  Now I am using the hot-hot sticks not only for sinus issues but also for my pregnancy cares too.

-- Mary G., Alexandria, VA


I was referral by my friend, she is pregnant and now under your care.  I've had TMJ for a few months (since my last dental visit for crown work).  I was amazed that in 2 to 3 visits with you my TMJ diminished completely.  Many thanks!

-- Catherine, Fairfax, VA

Before I was treated by Mr. Lee, I was in extreme pain with my jaw and mouth. I also suffered from being very high strung and difficulties falling asleep. Mr. Lee, through his treatments and using the Hot-Hot- sticks has changed my health considerably. I have comfort levels of pain, much more energy and have been able to stop using many of the prescriptions I was using for the pain and sleep. I am sleeping better and b/c of that my energy level is higher.

After several treatments of using the Hot-Hot stick at my home, I was feeling better after several treatments. As I continued to use
the sticks, he added additional areas of use that helped to relieve pain and add calmness to my life.

I would tell a friend to at least try using them and see if they feel the results. The Hot-Hot sticks won't hurt you or make you feel worse. It is worth trying to see if you are feeling better and they help make you in control of your well-being, not prescription drugs or just suffering.

Mr. Lee has always been very professional with his treatments
and techniques. He explains why he is using the Hot-Hot- sticks or any other technique that he may use. He tells you what to expect at the time. He has gone over your medical history with you and if any prescriptions drugs you are taking. His goal for you is to be able to learn the techniques, follow through what he has taught you, and then you keep up a maintenance schedule for yourself at home.

He knows what he is doing and you feel his experience,
knowledge, confidence and skill helping you.

-- Sharon B.

Weight Loss

I have been seeing Dr. Lee for my weight issues for the past 8 weeks. (I am 5'10" and weigh 193 lbs.) I have lost about 17 lbs! Since we have begun treatment, I am somehow more aware of what I am eating. Not only that, but I have noticed I am also more calm. I can't wait to see my results when I begin exercising as well next week. I have so much more energy now and can sleep on my stomach again and it's all thanks to Dr. Lee!  Thank you Dr. Lee!

-- Debbie Y.

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