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Tips on Self Healing for Incontinence

The use of hot-hot sticks can really restore your healing power. First, you must upgrade your lifestyle.

Diet: Do not miss breakfast, cut back the size of your dinner and do not skip meals. Take any vitamins daily before 3PM. Add 200mg of Ginseng (either a pill or tea) before 3PM everyday. Do not eat dinner too late. Try to eat dinner before 7:30PM and finish by 8:30PM. Alcohol is not a good choice. Avoid too much fried foods.  If you do not have cholesterol issues, you can eat 1 to 3 pieces of oysters every day or drink Bardock root, fox nuts soup twice a week.

Hydration:  Avoid de-hydration and avoid too much liquid 2 hours before bedtime. Try to have a maximum of 8 ounces of liquids 2 hours before sleep. Do not drink tea after 3PM. Don’t forget to swish your liquid in your mouth when you drink. This can enhance your oral hygiene and allow you to properly hydrate. Try to maintain a maximum of 100ml to 120 ml of liquid consumption per hour. Do keep up your liquid supply more frequently but less quantity each time.

Sleep: Avoid staying up too late. If possible, try to go to bed before 11PM. Getting 8 hours of quality sleep every night can help you stay away from the bad cycle of draining your energy.

Preparing for sleep: Soak both of your feet in very hot water for 5-10 minutes (DO NOT do this if you are a diabetic). To avoid acid reflux, do not have food before going to bed. If you must, only have a small amount. Make a short note for your next day reminder. If possible, take naps throughout the day. When your head hits the pillow, try to imagine that you are on a water bed. Let your body float. Close your eyes and start your Qi-Cong breathing exercises. Watch the rhythm of your breathing. Once your breathing is stable, check to see which parts of your body are tight. Let these parts loosen up. In the meantime, move your eyes around like a figure 8. If you can do this for 50 times, you should be able to fall asleep.

Stress Management: Practice Qi-Cong breathing more frequently throughout the day, especially if your schedule is tight. Do not forget to curve your tongue upwards all the time when you are not talking. Make sure to practice this step occasionally after the end of exhale – hold your breath while you squeeze your thigh muscles together. This movement will force your pelvic and rectal muscles to tighten together. The purpose of this movement is to train the lower part of your bladder and kidney’s to relax by your movements.

Sex Life: For those who are sexually active, watch out 24 to 72 hours after intimacy. Try to restore the good energy back on time. Good rest and nutrition can prevent incontinence from getting worse. It’s quality, not quantity that controls your healthy lifestyle. You should not mix sex and alcohol. Nor should you mix sex and drugs. Avoid sex after exercise, masturbation, sex within 2 hours after a big meal and within 48 hours after a fever or illness. Use the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to enjoy a long sex life.

Exercise: Do stretch exercises to open your four gates throughout the day.  Do Dan-Tien massages (the area between the naval and pelvic bone) after each bathroom visit and quickly massage the whole body.  The Chinese bow exercise stretches your spinal cord through the day and enhances the range of motion of your lower back.  Try to have deep massage along your spinal cord on a daily basis.  You can also massage the Ht7 acupressure point for 50 times each night.  Avoid too much aerobic exercise in one day.

Do the Dawn-tein area massage: Massage your lower abdominal area a couple of times a day. This is the area below the naval, down to the pelvic bone area. Do Qi-cong breathing and rub the skin on this area vigorously at least 24 times with your left hand first and then use your right hand. Do this motion after each bathroom break. Do it regularly at least 4-5 times a day. Do not do it if you have a full stomach or when your bladder is full. Do not do it right after aerobic exercise or while you are short of breathe. Do not do it right before bedtime.

Dress Code: Dress loosely and use light bedding – this will help you sleep better.

Home Remedy: Eat dry Logan (10 grams) and 7-9 pieces of lotus seeds a day (from the lotus seed head).  This will help you sleep better.

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