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Exercise for the Main Source of Energy: Spinal Cord

  1. Sit down on a chair with your shoulders relaxed and feet apart.
  2. Bring your chin towards the chest as you count from 1 thru 7. Hold your chin down to your chest and relax.
  3. Remember to breathe properly as you hold this position.
  4. With your hands resting on your upper thigh, you may start the countdown from 8 thru 20 as you lean your body forward and start to move your hands down toward your ankle.
  5. Please note that you don't have to touch your ankles, but continue the countdown and stop when you reach the count of 20 and feel the stretch down your spine.
  6. As you feel the stretch, you will need to relax and focus on each vertebrae.  Please note that focusing on the lower vertebrae is extremely important.
  7. With your chin still touching your chest, hold the stretch and take deep breathes 5 times. 
  8. Now you may count backwards from 20 thru 8 as you bring your hands up to your upper thigh with your chin still resting towards your chest and then from 7-1 as you bring your chin up and return to a normal sitting position.

You may perform this exercise 3 times twice a day. As spinal cord is the main source of energy, performing this exercise will not only strengthen the spinal cord, but help you with fertility, diabetes, and any lower pack pain issues.

Exercise known as Open Gate. This exercise will not only stretch the lower body but also help with shaping the abdominal muscles. You may perform this exercise either sitting up or lying down and remember to keep your movements slow to ensure the most benefit. The slower your movements is better. And matching your movements with your breathing is the key of this exercise.

  1. While lying on your bed or sitting up, keep one knee bent and raise the other leg as you bring the knee to your chest.
  2. You will want to feel a stretch when your knee gets closer to your chest and hold this position.
  3. Slowly push the leg outwards and extend away from your body as you point your toes.
  4. Lower your leg as close as you can to the bed or the floor without touching the surface. You will hold this position for 5 counts and then bring the leg to the starting position.
  5. You may repeat this exercise no more than 12 times on each leg and remember to stop if incurring any pain. Up to 3 sets of this exercise is recommended in a day.

This exercise is the best stretches for those people who sit in the office all day long. Do it more frequently and do couple times a day.
You will appreciate the benefits from this simple movements.

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