Payments and Fees

** Our office currently accepts CASH or CHECK for services only.  No credit cards are accepted.  Our office has the right to alter or cancel this policy at any time without notice.

First Office Visit - $400
Second Office Visit - $250
Third Office Visit - $70
Fourth thru sixth visit is free if the patient commits to 6 sessions up front.

Diagnosis - $200
Treatment Plan/Consultation - $150
Follow Up Office Visit - $150
Acupuncture, First 15 Minutes - $50
Acupuncture, Second 15 Minutes - $40
Heating/Moxibustion - $45
Acupressure, 45 Minutes - $60
Massage, 45 Minutes - $60
Cupping - $30
Feet Detoxication - $60
Herbal Pills/Tea - $6-10/day
Other Supplements - $10-150
BAD Check Returned Fee - $30-45
Other Administration Fee - $15-30 or 20%

* When insurance covers, the patient is responsible for deductible and co-pay only. *
** We can provide financial assistant for those in need. **

One Referral = One FREE Visit = One FREE Massage

Payments and Fees

We are experts in treating for the following complaints:

Allergy, Anemia, Anxiety, Asthma, Bell's palsy, Bladder control, Breech, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic constipation, Chronic dry cough, Chronic diarrhea, Depression, Digestion issues, Fatigue, Fertility, Frozen shoulder(s), Gout, Heel pain, Hemorrhoids, High blood pressure, Infertility, Insomnia, Leukopenia, Menopause, Migraine/ headache, Morning sickness, Neuralgias Pain relief, Other pain issues, Pediatric health, PMS, Postpartum syndrome, Pregnancy care, Sciatica, Sex issues, Tennis Elbow, TMJ

In my 40 years of clinical experience, most of my clients have had very promising results in an average of six office visits.

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