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Your sinuses are connected to your nasal cavities by small openings. Normally, air passes through in and out of your sinuses and mucus drains through these openings into your nose. There are four pairs on your face.

Sinusitis is an infection of the lining of one or more of these cavities. When swelling of the sinus lining and nose membranes occur, nasal obstruction can happen. Your nose may close off the opening of your sinus, preventing drainage of mucus. Sinusitis can be triggered by the common cold, hay fever, allergies or a dental abscess. When you have chronic sinusitis, that means you did not recover from proper treatment (i.e., the opening of your sinuses are narrow or closed due to scarring from previous infections). Complaints may include pain, fullness of the sinus area, and unable to breathe freely due to blockage. Chronic sinusitis can affect your health in the long term.

I can successfully treat you for sinusitis in my office. I have over 40+ years of experience and acupuncture for these types of complaints are highly effective.

The essence of Chinese medicine states that you made yourself sick and you can heal yourself too. You will see improvement in less than 6 visits. The first few visits will take up to 2 hours for each office visit. I will examine, diagnose, educate and treat you in the same time. If you are willing to take charge of your own health, I promise you it works.

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We have over 40 years of practical experience in acupuncture, eastern medicine and pharmacy. Our clinic, Mr. Lee and his father Dr. Lee developed the Home Healing Kit for people who are willing to learn how to take charge of their daily health. The healing system will help with the prevention and healing of sinusitis without having to take drugs daily. It is designed to relieve complaints that many people have everyday. Mr. Lee will teach clients how to use the heating sticks on specific points unique to their problems. It is an easy, economical and effective way to heal yourself at home. You can order the kit by contacting our office today.

If you take medication daily or spend $50 dollars or more each month for sinusitis, you must see me or order my home healing kit right now or ASAP.

We have a home healing kit specifically for those with sinusitis.  Click here for more information.

Check out the testimonials section for comments from our satisfied clients with Sinusitus.

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