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10 Warnings During Pregnancy

Congratulations, you are pregnant and Chinese medicine says: It may drain 10 years of your energy during this process.

Here are 10 things that you should try to avoid while you carry a new life.

Do not get sick. Infections, rashes, hepatitis, shingles, kidney infections can effect your baby's health.

Do not take any medicine if possible (antibiotics, pain killers, cold medicines, sleeping pills, anti-cancer drugs). Most of the medicines will pass to the baby through the blood stream and will be harmful to the baby.

Do not make yourself unhappy.  From the first day of pregnancy, you baby will duplicate your mood and your action of life. Slow down and enjoy life. Don't teach your baby to be ADHD while you force them to be one.

Do not drink the alcohol.  If you consume alcohol, it will have a very bad impact on your baby's development. It may cause early birth, miscarriage, under development, or death from the overuse alcohol.

Do not smoke. Even secondary smoke will be harmful to the baby.

Avoid unnecessary exposure to x-rays.  It is very harmful to the baby's body and development.

Do not get too close to pets.  Pets carry a lot contagious diseases that may cause infections.  Practice proper hygiene Do watch out after you touch pets.

Avoid too much sex during pregnancy. The first 3 months and the last 3 months of pregnancy are the warning time zone. Too much sexual activity can be harmful to the baby.

Take it easy.  Do not carry something too heavy (a big watermelon, a case of water), squat down to mop the floor for too long, or jump up to reach something too high.  A wrong move can case miscarriage.

Follow up with your doctor.

Do not eat too much.  Watch out for weight gain.

If you follow these tips, you can avoid the headaches, chest pain, stomach pain, lower back pain, abdominal pain, and leg pain.  Take the time, slow down and do basic stretches frequently.

Good Luck and Good Health.

Master Lee


If you think that you need professional help, please call our office today; especially those mothers who have a history of complicated pregnancies.  Just a few "tune up" treatments will improve your health immediately.

I have 40+ years of experience especially for GYN issues.  I will always work with your physician to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy.  I highly recommend that you keep at least one of my home healing kits on hand before and during your pregnancy.  If you use it, 3-5 minutes each day, it will act like a bodyguard to make sure that the duration of your pregnancy is very smooth.

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We have over 40 years of practical experience in acupuncture, eastern medicine and pharmacy.  Our clinic, Mr. Lee and his father Dr. Lee developed the Home Healing Kit for people who are willing to learn how to take charge of their daily health.  The healing system will help with the prevention and healing of pregnancy issues without having to take drugs daily.  It is designed to relieve complaints that many people have everyday.  Mr. Lee will teach clients how to use the heating sticks on specific points unique to their problems.  It is an easy, economical and effective way to heal yourself at home.  You can order the kit by contacting our office today.

If you take medication daily or spend $50 dollars or more each month for pregnancy issues, you must see me or order my home healing kit right now or ASAP.

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Check out the testimonials section for comments from our satisfied pregnant clients.

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