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A Normal Menstrual Period in Chinese Medicine

A normal healthy mature period should have the following characteristics:

  1. A normal period should have a fixed cycle each month. Very few women have it quarterly with a fixed cycle too. If you do not have a fixed cycle, it may mean the energy of the cycle is not smooth.
  2. It appears or happens like a natural phenomenon. Like a full moon or high tide, we don't even notice that it comes. If not, it may mean that vital energy was not abundant enough to support the normal cycle.
  3. It should not create any physical discomforts. People who experience headaches, PMS, cramping, sleep problems or emotional issues are not considered to have a normal period. Your body is trying to tell you that something is physically wrong with your vital energy.
  4. It should not effect your energy level. It is not normal to experience low energy before, during or after your period.
  5. It should last 4 to 5 days. A full normal period should have 5 days of bleeding. 

    Average flood on Day 1: 1-2 pads; Day 2: 3-5 pads; Day 3: 1-2 pads; Day 4: 1-2 pads; Day 5: 1 pad. 

    Too much or too less, can mean the body cannot adjust the vital energy to meet the normal cycle.
  6. Blood clots should not occur. If clotting happens, that means the stress from the period has an effect on liver function.

When vital energy is not supported during a normal period, some women experience cramps, depression, emotional issues (cry or anger easily), headaches, insomnia, lower energy, menopause, migraine, osteopenia.

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