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The Magic of Hot-Hot Sticks

The hot-hot sticks are a combination of wisdoms from several historical experiences through Chinese medical history. The unique energy from the sticks can be used to promote healing. Combining me and my father (Dr. Lee’s) clinical experiences, we would like to share this technique and help you increase your own health and well-being. The hot-hot sticks can be used as any ordinary household item that you apply daily to balance your health energy. 

The sticks are used as prevention medicine and the ingredients are all natural. Depending on the energy level, the components can be varied. Based on the function so the moxibustion, the hot-hot sticks can really revive your personal health if you use it daily and wisely. You will be able to enjoy a healthy life and reduce illness. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), moxibustion has been recognized to help with over 80 different complaints.

We are experts in treating for the following complaints:

Allergy, Anemia, Anxiety, Asthma, Bell's palsy, Bladder control, Breech, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic constipation, Chronic dry cough, Chronic diarrhea, Depression, Digestion issues, Fatigue, Fertility, Frozen shoulder(s), Gout, Heel pain, Hemorrhoids, High blood pressure, Infertility, Insomnia, Leukopenia, Menopause, Migraine/ headache, Morning sickness, Neuralgias Pain relief, Other pain issues, Pediatric health, PMS, Postpartum syndrome, Pregnancy care, Sciatica, Sex issues, Tennis Elbow, TMJ

In my 40 years of clinical experience, most of my clients have had very promising results in an average of six office visits.

Please spend your valuable time to take charge of your own health. To learn more, about Master Lee’s hot-hot sticks please click here.

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