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Heel Pain

Heel pain can downgrade your quality of life. It will prevent you from enjoying travel or shopping. You must pay attention when it starts to affect your daily life. Heel pain may result from tears or inflammation of the heel pad where the tissue attaches to your heel bone. This pain is rarely caused by bone spurs. Your physician can determine whether the heel pain is constant or if it occurs only when you step down on the heel. An X-ray may rule out a stress fracture or a spur of the bone projecting forward from the calcaneus / heel bone. When they are all negative, you have to be patient to allow the pain to restore itself.

In Chinese Medicine, we joke that it is a “grandmother’s complaint.” Because it supposedly happens when we get older or when our energy account is depleted. With an unhealthy modern lifestyle, we see more and more middle-aged people suffering from heel pain. It is a very simple case on how to restore, save and balance your own energy account. Most clients respond fast with Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, especially with the hot-hot sticks. They will energize the energy account in a very short period of time. In most clients, the prognosis is complete recovery and preventing reoccurrence is the best advantage.

I can successfully treat you for heel pain in my office. I have over 40+ years of experience and acupuncture for these types of complaints are highly effective.

The essence of Chinese medicine states that you made yourself sick and you can heal yourself too. You will see improvement in less than 6 visits. The first few visits will take up to 2 hours for each office visit. I will examine, diagnose, educate and treat you in the same time. If you are willing to take charge of your own health, I promise you it works.

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