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What can I expect after treatment?

One may experience an immediate total or partial relief of their pain or other symptoms.  This relief may last or some of the pain may return.  In a few cases, the pain may seem even worse.  This is called the rebound effect.  By the next day, the pain can be expected to gradually improve.  Often the most dramatic results are experienced in the first treatment.  However, one should see further incremental improvement after each subsequent treatment.  In a few cases, there may be no immediate relief only to experience the pain diminish over the next couple of days.

Most patients will have more questions than these, such as:  Should I continue taking my present medication?  What should I eat?  Is there anything I can do for myself at home?  What signs of success should I look for first and after how long?  All these are valid and valuable questions and can be answered by Master Lee.

In the meantime, remember:  ACUPUNCTURE WORKS!

Questions & Answers About Acupuncture

What is acupuncture? 
What problems can be treated by acupuncture? 
How deep do the needles go? 
Does it hurt? 
Are the needles clean? 
Do acupuncturists only insert needles? 
How does acupuncture work? 
Are there different styles of acupuncture? 
What criteria should one use in choosing an acupuncturist? 
How many treatments will I need? 
Is there anything I need to do before receiving an acupuncture treatment? 
Is there anything I need to do while receiving acupuncture? 
What can I expect after treatment?

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